Laboratory equipments

Digital Spectrophotometer

•Wavelength Range: 340-960 nm

•Spectral Bandwidth: 5 nm

•Wavelength Accuracy: +- 2.5nm

•Wavelength Repeatability: +- 2nm

•Photometric Range%T: 0 to 100% Abs: 0to 1.999, Conc.: 0 to 1999

•Detector: Silicon Photodiode

•Lamp Type: Tungsten Halogen Lamp

•Grating: 600Lines/mm holographic grating

•Display: 31/2Digit Bright Red LED Dual Display for Data & Wavelength

•Dimensions: 475x285x130mm

•Power: 230V+-10%AC, 50Hz

•Operating Temperature:5 to 45 Degree C