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•Slide Warming Table is very useful for heating slides to a uniform constant temperature below the melting point of wax. Top surface made of Stainless Steel SS 304 grade. The surface temperature is controlled from ambient to 70 degree C. Supplied complete with pilot lamp, cord and plug but without thermometer. To work on 220 230 Volts A.C. Supply.

Slide Warm Plate - Laboratory Heating Equipment

Hot Plate

•A laboratory hot plate is a heating device commonly used in scientific laboratories. The rectangular shape of the hot plate is ideal for accommodating larger vessels and equipment. The hot plate is 40 x 25 cm in size, providing ample space for various laboratory applications.

•The heating surface of the hot plate is made of high-quality materials, such as ceramic, stainless steel, or aluminum, that can withstand high temperatures and ensure even heat distribution. The hot plate is designed to be easy to use and adjust, allowing precise temperature control to meet the needs of various experiments.

•One of the main advantages of using a laboratory hot plate is the ability to heat samples or solutions without the need for an open flame. This is particularly useful when dealing with flammable or hazardous materials, as it minimizes the risk of fire or explosion. The hot plate also provides a stable heating source, preventing variations in temperature that can affect the accuracy and consistency of experimental results.

•The rectangular shape of the hot plate is ideal for accommodating larger vessels such as beakers, flasks, and round bottom flasks. This is especially useful in experiments where the volume of the solution being heated is larger, as it reduces the need for multiple rounds of heating.

Heating Mantle - Laboratory Heating Equipment

•Type of Product: Heating Mantle

•Voltage: 220-230 V AC

•Capacity: 500 ml

•Power: 200 W

•Maximum Temperature: 400°C

•Body Material: Aluminium

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