Physics Instruments

Color Disk - Precision Color Mixing

•Material: Metal

•Color: Multicolor

•Features:Newton Color Disc Mounted on a metal stand that has a belt-driven pulley arrangement for rot

•Country of Origin: Made in India

Optical Bench - Laboratory Optical Equipment

•Material: SS, MS

•Usage/Application: Laboratory

•Scale: 100 cm

•Light Source: DC 6V/1

•Plastic Frosted Glass Screen: 100 mm

Energy Gap Band Apparatus

•Usage/Application: Laboratory

•Packaging Type: Box

•Power: 1.5 kW

•Phase: Single Phase

•Display Type: Analog

•Driven Type: Electric

Traveling Microscope

•Objective: Achromatic FL 50 mm

•Eye Piece: 10x with cross hair Horizontal

•Movement: 15cm coarse and fine. 25mm with LC10 micron.

•Vertical Movement: 15cm coarse and fine movement of 25mm with LC 10 micrometer.

•Z Direction Movement: 25mm with 10 micrometer LC

•Rotation: 360deg

Resonance Tube Apparatus - Acoustic Experiments

•Base Size: 8.7"(220mm) x 5.8"(145mm)

•Rod Size: 36"(910mm) Long x 0.5"(12.5mm) dia

•Glass Tube: 39"(100cm) long x 1.5"(38mm) dia

•Graduations: 0 to 90cm x 1mm

•One Tuning Fork: 512 Hz High C

Sliding Rheostat - Precision Variable Resistor

•Oxidized eureka wire wound on a porcelain tube is supported at both ends by durable, cast-aluminum, enamel painted end supports. A plastic sliding contact with laminated phosphor bronze strips is attached to the metallic bar, which in turn is mounted parallel to the tube. Three 4mm socket terminals with captive heads for electrical connection. Designed for Continuos use without overheating. Tolerance in nominal for marked value of resistance is ±5%. Resistance and current rating marked.

Amperes Ohms Amperes Ohms

0.3 2850 1.8 92

0.4 1625 2.3 57

0.5 1000 2.8 37

0.6 670 3.3 27

0.8 400 4.2 20

1.0 290 5.0 11

1.2 225 6.5 7.5

1.4 160 8.0 4.5

1.6 125 10.0 2.8

Micrometer Screw Gauge

•Accuracy: 0.01

•Usage/Application: Industrial

•Material: Stainless Steel

•Color: Silver

•Screw Size: 0.25 mm

•Operating Type: Manual

Resistance Box

•In polished, wooden or painted, metal case. coils of various resistance, wound non inductivity with precise adjustment of their valves, are mounted underneath an insulated, Bakelite panel. On top of this panel, heavy brass blocks are mounted, provided connection across the resistance coils, with brass terminals at ends for electrical connection. Set of milled head plug, accurately tapered to fit the holes between the brass blocks, are interchangeable and provide very low contact resistance. Accuracy .1%.

Range Amp No of Plugs Resistance amp.

A ) 0.1-.5 9 1.1

B ) .1-1 6 2

C ) .1-5 9 11

D ) 1-100 10 210

E ) 1-500 13 1110

F ) 1-1000 14 2110

G ) 1-5000 17 11110

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