Research Microscope

Research Microscope


•Frame : All aluminum pressure diecasted body

•Paint : Powder coating available in various desired shades

•Nose piece : Quadruple ball bearing nosepiece

•Observation head : 360º rotate able and 45º inclined head with allanti fugus coated prisms

•Focusing System : Separate knobs for cores and fine motion having least count of 002mm

•Mechanical Stage : CXL mechanical stage works on dovetail slides (other stage also available )

•Condenser : Bright field sub stage condenser having 1.2 N.A

•Eyepieces & Objective : Set of 4x,10x,40x and 100x and a paired set of 10x wide field eyepieces

•Illuminaiton : 6v/20w halogen lamp need 220v adn 50 Hz supply

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Research Microscope