Medical Instruments - Precision Healthcare Equipment

Medical Instruments - Precision Healthcare Equipment

Oxygen Flow Meter With Humidifier Bottle

•Made of copper, CNC precision processing

•Flow tube and humidifier body use high-strength polycarbonate plastic, the ball is stainless steel

•High-temperature resistance

•Backpressure compensated and calibrated at 50 psi

•Installed can be wall or rail mounted

•Input pressure: 4.5bar ± 0.5bar

•Accuracy: ± 5% read value

•Standard inlet connection: ISO G1/8“

Needle And Syringe Destroyer

•Usage/Application: Syringe Cutting

•Material: MS

•Voltage: 220 V AC

•Instrument Classification: Class I

•Consumption of Power: 1 kW/hr

•Destroy Process: 1-2 second

Blood Pressure Apparatus - Medical Diagnostic Equipment

•Accuracy: +-2%

•Usage/Application: Blood Pressure

•Pack Type: Box

•Measure Range: 35%~100%

•NIBP pulse rate measure range : 40~240 bpm

•Measure Method: Oscillometry


Type: Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

Number Of Stages: Double Stage

Max Flow Rate: 15 LPM

Power: 25PSI

Usage/Application: Industrial

•Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps:We offer 100% oil-free Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps/Compressors. They can be used either as vacuum pumps or oil-free compressors and are designed for delivery of uncontaminated air, gases or va pours. They are suitable for producing oil-free compressed air or vacuum.

Diaphragm type - hence no rubbing of parts and negligible wear & tear
Practically maintenance free.
No lubrication required, hence oil - free
Low operational cost of equipment. This results from the modest cost for replacement of diaphragm and valves.

Heads are made of aluminum alloy castings
Diaphragms are made of neoprene rubber or other elastomers depending on applications
Specially designed motors in single - phase and three-phase constructions
Pumps are mounted on rubber pads for silent, vibration-free running
Due to compact design, these pumps are ideal for laboratories and original equipment manufacturers
Compact, light-in-weight, hence portable

Pollution Monitoring Equipment, Chemical Analyzers, Laminating press, Material Handling Equipment, Labeling Machines, Plastic Welding Machines, Gas Welding Machines, Soldering iron, Agitation of Chemicals in Tanks, Aeration

Multi Parameter Patient Monitor 5 para

•Capacity: 50 ml

•Material: Glass

•Parameters Measured: IBP, SPO2, ECG, Temperature

•Suitable For: Adult

•Features: Transparent

•Application: Chemical Laboratory

•Temperature: 0 to 30 Degree C

Ultra Violet Inspection Cabinet

•Capacity: 50 ml

•Material: Glass

•Parameters Measured: IBP, SPO2, ECG, Temperature

•Suitable For: Adult

•Features: Transparent

•Application: Chemical Laboratory

•Temperature: 0 to 30 Degree C

Water Bath Incubator Shaker

•Size: 405x300x150 mm

•Temperature Range: 90 Degree C

•Voltage: 220 V

•Frequency: 50 Hz

•Material: Stainless Steel

•Capacity: 18 ltr

•Temperature range from ambient to 90°C. This is double walled unit inside made of thick S.S. sheet and outside M.S. powder coated, supplied complete with shaking tray.

•Shaking Tray Size :

275x275x150mm :12ltrs.

405x300x150mm : 18ltrs.


Digital temp. Indicator.

Shaking tray for 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500 ml & 25mm dia. test tubes or conical flasks.

Embalming Machine Cadaverous Injector

•Frequency: 50 Hz

•Material: Mild Steel

•Phase: Single Phase

•Usage/Application: Industrial, Laboratories etc

•Voltage: 220 V

•Driven Type: Electric

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